Titan Wealth Associate Sdn. Bhd.

About Us

TITAN Wealth Associate Sdn. Bhd. operates based on a well-synchronized corporate structure. This is to ensure that all our business and insurance dealings are handled with maximum care and accuracy, eliminating human error to the lowest possible level. At TITAN Wealth Associate Sdn. Bhd., our business is focused on helping customers achieve lifetime financial security. We have a long history in financial services. Experience, financial strength and our whole Malaysia vantage point are a powerful combination in all our markets. They help us provide our clients with relevant and smart life insurance, health, disability insurance, education savings, medical insurance, investing and retirement planning services, annuities, and a host of other financial security products, specifically designed for various life stages and goals.   

Our Logo 
TITAN Wealth Associate Sdn. Bhd. listens to and understands the hopes and dreams of millions of customers.Our 3 Buildings logo embodies this philosophy. The main three building represents Life Business on Wealth Protection, Savings and Investment on Wealth Accumulation and Will & Trusts Services on Wealth Distribution. And our tagline "your gain is our sucess" means not only our customers gain but also our team associates gains will represents on our company successfulness. Our ability and desire to listen and understand is undeniable, enabling us to anticipate and provide the products and services that meet the needs of everyone, everywhere. 
TITAN Wealth Associate Sdn. Bhd. specializes in offering businesses and individuals clients with a wide range of financial planning solutions. Our services offered are business assets protection and continuity, retirement planning, children education and investment services, life and health protection, and estate planning through its diverse family of financial services companies. TITAN Wealth Associate Sdn. Bhd. was founded based on our strong belief in providing the best financial and business solutions to our clients at all times. With excellent service and integrity in our business dealings, we believe our clients will appreciate our hard work in ensuring that their family and business wealth are well protected and managed for the coming future.
Product & Services
We strive to improve our services daily to cater to the greater needs of our business clients. We believe business is done through trust and trust can only be cultivated through excellent service surpassing our client's expectations. From our earliest beginnings, ethics and integrity have been cornerstones of the way we do business. They are part of why we have such a strong reputation, and why our employees are proud to work for us. We offer a complete suite of insurance from life, general, savings, investments, to health insurance serving individuals and corporations in Malaysia with wide spread distribution network service.


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